Why Use Apps Like Phone Tracker Software For Business?

Ethical or not, if you are a business owner you are obligated to monitor the performance of your crew. Otherwise, the fate of the entire company is at stake.

I know a guy named Jack. He is a brilliant software developer, a real master of his art. He can make the impossible into completely operational applications with his tech magic.

Jack was fired yesterday.

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It would have been great news as I tried to get him to work with my team for at least three years. Now, that I know the truth I will not employ him. Nor will any tech company in our region.

Jack’s career is over. Done. Finished. Demolished!


In a heartbeat, Jack was transformed from a desired employee earning six digits into an outcast of the industry. Simply because his company’s code was hacked. The hack never happened because of a mistake Jack made. Mistakes are forgivable.

Jack was cheesy enough to outsource his work to India. He found and hired cheap developers, and they did his job for him while the sneaky devil watched YouTube or played X-Box all day long. Indian people were, in turn, smart enough to sneak undetectable sequences of code and they hacked the entire company Jack worked for causing several millions of damage and an intangible strike to that firm’s reputation.

A situation like that would have been easily prevented with smart employee tracking software.

There is no moral dilemma when a business is at stake

Up to date software allows monitoring of employees at an outstanding level. With as little as one app you can:

  • Get reports of occasional screenshots on an employee’s PC;
  • Track the data a person inputs;
  • Track the sites people are reviewing during working hours;
  • View files personnel uploads or downloads from corporate folders on computers;

This level of awareness may indeed resemble espionage. Application of tracking software is treated like the lack of trust from the management side and is deemed like a horrific act of corporate treason.

But, in reality, tracking software only makes sure everyone is only doing the tasks you pay them money for. How unfair is that when the entirety of your company is at stake?

Truth be told even a phone tracker or SMS tracker is fairly applicable to work. You are not, after all, keeping the record of personal lives of others. You only receive data that is related to work and work alone!


The deal is as sweet as ever, especially if you take the yearly offer. This way your company will be saving up to 60% on the contrast of paying more for the monthly subscription. On another notice – the price isn’t as relevant as gained benefits.

With employee tracking software you will:

  • Prevent security risks in advance
  • Enhance productivity of all your teams
  • Will keep your finger on the pulse of every other activity happening in the office

Are these benefits not worth a single application purchase? At the very least you won’t have to deal with a Jack causing your company millions in financial losses.

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