How social network can affect personal safety

Social network’s influence on teenagers

No one can imagine today’s life without access to the Internet, social networks, communicating with friends via chat services, online dating, etc. Smartphones play a major role in our everyday life as by their mean anyone can surf the net at any time. Tech-savvy children have own gadgets and enjoy unlimited Internet access. To ensure their online safety, there are special monitoring apps that are designed to collect information about the location of the phone and make sure that children do not chat with strangers via messengers.

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Almost any individual has an own profile in one of many social networks. Without even realising we are sharing a lot of personal information with online predators and some of them may use it against us. Like no other children require special protection and careful monitoring, and in this case, cell phone tracker is extremely useful.

Today numerous tracking apps are available for everyone: some of them are free, and others require monthly payment but offer special features. Before applying one, it is important to make sure that certain monitoring activities are legal in your country. Why parents love this product? First of all, it helps to locate your kids’ exact whereabouts and make sure they are not skipping classes or engaged in suspicious activity. The software also tracks where they were hours or days ago. Without any doubts, this useful app will keep children away from getting into troubles.

Main features spy apps possess

Without any doubt, the main purpose of downloading and installing spy software is maintaining parental control and making sure children, as well as other loved ones, are safe. Any reputable surveillance software – free or paid one, has free registration and requires only password and email. Your personal account will be used as storage to gather all collected information from the target phone. Here are most important features parents seek for a while choosing a reliable monitoring software:

  • Spy software allows tracking target cell’s location with both: Wi-Fi and GPS. Also with the help of cell phone towers phone tracker is able locating target device if GPS and Wi-Fi had been turned off by the user;
  • WhatsApp spy feature allows reading all chats – sent or received messages, exchanged using this popular service;
  • It is possible recording calls, tracking text messages, Facebook messages;
  • Spy software allows detecting SIM card change;
  • Needless to say that the software operates in stealth mode and is hard to detect;
  • Also spy products keep tracks of camera usage, to-do list, calendar notifications and reminders, track calls and allows access to contact list;

Using mobile phone tracker parents can look through cell internet history to find out which websites their children visit, how often and whether they have inappropriate content.

Reading chats with spy software

Messengers and chat services are popular mean of communication, especially among young adults.  A lot of personal information is shared in this networks, so parents choose to install tracking software rather than asking awkward questions. One of the most important as well as a useful feature provided by tracking app is complete access to all messages received or sent using following popular social services:

Facebook messenger. This app is widely used not only by teenagers but by adults as well. Surveillance app’s users can control the flow of information while looking through latest messages and reviewing list of friends;

Using spy app it is possible reading chats from Skype as well as monitoring and listening to all calls, and look through exchanged files;

These are two most often used services to maintain communication, but among other, we can mention  Viber, Line, WhatsApp and various Google services.

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