A Business Story Of Phone Tracker Alike App Use

I made my business from scratch. My team makes great apps for Android. We also help others by outsourcing software development. If you need and app and don’t know whom to ask for help – ask me.

But, business aside, I am not writing this posts to promote my company. I am dedicating towards assistance to other business owners who used to be in mu shoes. So, if the following lines ring a bell – do stay tuned.

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I’ve got everything covered, or do I?

I made my company. I studied business and marketing. I had a business plan as well as a professional recruitment agency by my side. Once the first office was rented, and the team was hired – we’ve braced for impact: the initial, starting project was tough.

Countless hours and sleepless nights led to more fork for me. I felt like a zombie – all of my strength went to work as well as management. And we were still missing deadline after deadline. But why? We have had enough man power. Or had we?

As it turned out one of my senior developers, a prominent Team Lead with an enormous paycheck from me as a bonus (I wanted a guy with his experience in my team) was a bottleneck. All of the tasks he was assigned to – the really important ones like planning and making sure a release is ready for testing, were on hold.

He wasn’t tired, no – he was watching YouTube gaming videos all day long and never did a bit of code. I got rid of him and, oh my God, our development speed was 47% faster!

Don’t trust, but test

After that, I never trusted a CV of an employee in my life. I have never tested their appearance and visible passion for work because Mike (that was his name) looked like he can’t live without programming.

I was looking for a way to evaluate the performance of my entire crew as a whole and each team member individually. Nothing seemed to work. Until I heard about Jim, a friend of mine, secretly installing an SMS tracker on his wife’s phone. He suspected she was cheating on him.

At first, I thought this lack of trust in a relationship is disgusting. Than Steve had proved, his wife was, in fact, cheating. And he also had proof of that in court, so she never got a dime of his money. I changed my opinion about loyalty and ethics on that day.

And I started to look for a Phone tracker like an app that’s designed to monitor my crew at work.

I found one

Now I have tracking software installed on all of my corporate computers. Such a decision allows me to:

  • Monitor performance of my team – I always know who is doing what;
  • Avoid distractions at work – all of the sites that are proven popular among my people are blocked instantly if they have no relation to work;
  • All of my sensitive data is safe as I know who downloads of uploads files on my computers.

Do I feel guilty? Not a bit. I am, after all, paying my team for their work, not YouTube videos. If they feel like watching a stream – they can always do so in their free time. But my company is a pace for productivity and productivity alone.

This mindset has allowed me to stay in business for five years now. All I see is progress. All I see is growth. All because my clients are satisfied with the timely delivery of Android apps!

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